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Do You Know Why Your Trial is in Trouble How to Correct It?

Some people will tell you that to fix a troubled clinical trial, you should throw more resources at it. 

  • When recruitment is lagging, they advise adding more sites, upping the ad budget and raising the per subject payment. 

  • When sites are unable to execute the protocol, they suggest increasing the number of monitoring visits or conducting additional training sessions.

At Clinical Trial Recovery Specialists (CTRS) we say, 'That's just blindly throwing more resources at the problem without fundamentally solving it.'

CTRS uses a systematic, proven methodology to determine why your trial is in trouble and what you need to do to get it moving.

Our tested approach has helped our clients rescue troubled trials and get them back on the right course.


Contact us today and find out more about how we can get your trial on the road to recovery.

What Others Are Saying About Us

"The work they did was so informative that it quickly became the standard for diagnosing the issues when clinical trials are behind schedule.”

- Director of Clinical Operations, Top Five pharmaceutical company

"Considering the dollars, the jobs and other things that are at risk when recruitment stalls, it's just common sense to have them do a field analysis."

- Clinical Director, Mid-Atlantic biotechnology company

"I know some people are afraid that having them do a field analysis can uncover poor planning, but that's not what they look for. Quite the contrary, they create a good opportunity for the clinical people, the ops side and other parties to work together instead of playing the blame game."

- Vice-President, Medical Director, Midwest specialty company

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